Free English

Free English Tests for ESL/EFL :: English Grammar Exercises

Elementary Intermediate Advanced
Life: Phrasal Verbs
Vocabulary Practice: Going to…
Household Items (4)
Real Life: Outdoor Chores (1)
Real Life: Cleaning Supplies (1)
City on the Seas
The History of Coffee
Winning the Jackpot!
Taxi Terms
In a Meeting: Phrasal Verbs
The Blue Grotto of Capri
Pompeii, past and present
Marseille, France
Naples, Italy
System security
Workplace relations

Learning English Quizzes :: English Synonym Worksheets

Elementary Intermediate Advanced
Synonyms for trip and journey
Synonyms for robber and thief
Synonyms for mistake and error
Synonyms for lonely and alone
Synonyms for beat and strike
Synonyms for walk
Synonyms for 'task' and 'duty'
Synonyms for 'profit' and 'benefit'
Synonyms for 'threat' and 'danger'
Synonyms for 'mistake' and 'b…
Synonyms for 'solitary' and '…
Synonyms for beat
Synonyms for speak and shout
Synonyms for see and watch
Synonyms for business and emp…
Synonyms for kill and murder
Synonyms for robber and burglar
Synonyms for error and fault

Teaching Business English :: ESL Business English Tests

Elementary Intermediate Advanced
Renting a place
Chit Chat: At the garage
Business dialogue on the phone
Basic Business English
On my Mobile
Retail Sales Phrases
Dressing expressions
Poverty in the US: living sta…
Expressions and phrases about money
Ways of disagreeing
Ways of agreeing
Scandinavian Capital Market
Niche Marketing
Leisure Services
Pushing and Pulling
Cyber-criminals and Cyber-crime
Gold Collateral

English as a Second Language :: Common Errors in English Usage

Elementary Intermediate Advanced
The bank raid
Read before you sign
Thank you letter
The interview
Guided tour
Cat and mouse
Expressions and Gerunds
Gerunds and Idioms
Modal Verbs
Singular vs. Plural Nouns
Adverbs and Gerunds
Prepositions and Phrasal Verbs
Gerunds and Prepositions
Infinitive vs. Gerund
Latin Words
Adjectives and Verbs
Late at the Office
This way and that

English as a Foreign Language :: Idiomatic Expressions in English

Elementary Intermediate Advanced
Just keep it
Expressing Emotions
Funny Idioms
Animal Idioms
Preposition Exercises
All Agog
Double Speak in Job Titles
Expressions with make
English Idioms and Phrases
Idioms with Hand
Common English Idioms
Idioms with come
Food Idioms
House/Building Idioms (1)
Clothing Idioms (2)
Clothing Idioms (1)
American Slang Words (18)
American Slang Words (17)



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