French Resources - PPT

Daily Routine ( http://www.languagesresources.co.uk/FrenchDailyRoutine.html)

Resource Name Format Description KS
Vocabulary Sheet PowerPoint Worksheet to write down the French vocabulary 3
OHT & Worksheet Word OHT and/or worksheet on reflexive daily routine verbs in the present tense and in the past tense 3
OHT & Worksheet Word OHT and/or worksheet on non-reflexive daily routine verbs 3
Non-Reflexives Word Worksheet on other non-reflexive daily routine verbs 3
Daily Routine Intro PowerPoint Intro to daily routine reflexives and practice and recap 3
Que fais tu le matin PowerPoint Intro to daily routine reflexives and time 3
Intro to Daily Routine PowerPoint Introduction to vocabulary and intro with time 3
Daily Routine ReCap PowerPoint Song and practice exercises 3
Linking Words Word Worksheet on adverbs and linking words with daily routine 3
Battle Ships Word Game with daily routine vocabulary and times 3
Picture & Word Cards PowerPoint Cards to be cut up to play snap, pairs etc 3
Rub out Squares Word Worksheet - fill in the missing words by chosing two squares from the grid 3
Sentence formation Word Create daily routine sentences 3
Le Soir Word Vocabulary worksheet to write down evening activities and text 3
Jumbled sentences Word Worksheet with daily routine sentences in wrong order 3
Picture text Word Gap fill worksheet with images instead of words to fill in. Version 2 of same worksheet. 3
Reflexive Starter Word Grid to make word cards. Rearrange words to make sentences on sheet 3
Memory Chain Word Instructions for round robin style game version 1 and version 2(with linking words) 3
Ma Routine Song Word OHT and gap fill version of routine song to the tune of La Cucaracha 3
Listening Word Gap fill worksheet for listening task found in Avantage 1 Teacher Book pg 103 and 104 3
Reflexive verbs Word Explanation and worksheet (for more look in the Grammar section) 3
Verb Grid & Interview Word Reflexive verbs grid and PP interview task 3
Comprehension & Time Word Worksheet with times and daily routine 3
Harry Potter Routine Word Worksheet with text and questions 3
Simon Word Text and questions on Simone's daily routine 3
Caroline Word Text and questions on Caroline's daily routine 3
Famous Person Routine Word Group work instructions and example text with exercises 3
Text Word Text (can be used as a running dictation for example) 3
Giliane a Guadeloupe Word Two daily routine texts from different people 3
Beckhams Word Text and True/False Qus 3
Ma Routine au College Word Text with questions and answers 3
School Routine Word Gapped text with answers in present tense, to be changed to past (answers) 4
Other tenses
Qu'est-ce que tu as fait hier Word OHT and worksheet 3
Se Reveiller PowerPoint Se reveiller in the perfect tense, with worksheet to fill in se reveiller and two other verbs 3/4
Past tense grid Word Grid with reflexives in present tense and some past tense filled in 3
Daily Routine vocab recap Word Vocabulary recap, some in past tense 3
Past tense routine Word Worksheet 3
Daily Routine in Tenses PowerPoint Introduction and worksheets on reflexive daily routine verbs in a variety of tenses 4
Past tense routine Word Match verbs in present and past tense exercise and short text 3/4
Chores PowerPoint Flashcards of chores vocabulary in the structure Je dois + inf and worksheet 3
Chores PowerPoint Intro to vocabulary and worksheet (publisher document) 3
Aides tu a la maison PowerPoint Intro to vocabulary and practice activities 3
Practice PowerPoint Language practice activities and sheet (publisher) 3
Cards PowerPoint Cards to be made from each slide 3
OHT Word OHT of chores with pic and vocab and worksheet 3
OHT pics for chores Word OHT/Worksheet 3
Like/Dislike chores Word Worksheet 3
Writing Word Write what each person does using the pictures 3
Crack code Word Find the vocabulary 1 and 2 3
Battleship grid Word Person/Chore battleship grid 3
Vocabulary Word Vocabulary grid 3
Reading Word Worksheet with short reading comprehensions 1 and 2 3
Verbs practice Word Match the verb to the chore and conjugate 3
Je dois/Nous devons Word Sentences using je dois and nous devons 3
Listening Word Worksheet to be used with audio from Avantage Rouge 4, TB page 98 3
Es tu un bon fils language Word Speaking structure on OHT 3
Definitions Word Paraphrase of chores - guess the chore and write own 3
Translation various Word document and PowerPoint with sentences to translate 3
Verb tables various Word document and PowerPoint with verbs and paradigm 3
Text Word Text on chores 3
Chores in the past Word Recap of past tense structure worksheet 3
Reading Task Word Very comprehensive reading exercises 3
Gap fill Word Gap fill text on chores and answers 3
Sentence buying game Word Pupils have a vocab list, and a certain amount of 'money', if they know a phrase, they can bid for it. Sentences to buy and answers. 3


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