Quiz: Phrasal Verbs - Take

Q1 - He looks like his mother; he takes ...... her

Q2 - Do you take me ......... an idiot?

Q3 - The plane couldn't take ...... because of the snow

Q4 - He tried a couple of judo lessons and took ....... it right away because he found it made him feel so much fitter

Q5 - He took ..... swimming when his doctor told him he needed to take more exercise

Q6 - You should take ....... Christmas decorations on the 6th of January

Q7 - He invited me to stay and I'm going to take him ....... his offer

Q8 - The company took ...... several new employees to cope with the extra demand

Q9 - He took ..... everything the lecturer said in his notebook

Q10 - He spoke too quickly for us to take ...... everything he said

Q11 - She took ..... drink after her husband died

Q12 - Can you take this phone number ..... for me, please?

Q13 - He took ...... the piano straightaway and became proficient in a few months

Q14 - They took the company ....... when it went bankrupt

Q15 - I took my hat ...... when I entered the building

Q16 - If you don't take your books ........ to the library on time, you have to pay a fine

Q17 - She took her clothes ..... and went to bed

Q18 - I can't be bothered to cook tonight, so I'll get an Indian take......

Q19 - He refused to take what he had said .... even though he knew he was wrong

Q20 - She took a lodger ..... to help pay the rent

Q21 - Just because you're angry, it doesn't mean you can take it ____ me.

Q22 - I couldn't put the radio back together after I had taken it ____.



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